What is Boudoir Photography?

You have heard the term “Boudoir Photography”. You have heard a few of your friends have done it. But what is Boudoir Photography exactly?

Boudoir Photography is at type of Glamour Photography and is a growing trend amongst women who want to celebrate themselves through the medium of photography. Typically it is shot in a glamorous tone with lingerie or other revealing clothing as the attire. While the term boudoir is French for bedroom, boudoir photography can be located just about anywhere. In the bedroom, out of the bedroom, indoors, outdoors, wherever the client and photographer agree upon.

There are many variations within the Boudoir Photography genre. Some give a more airy and pretty tone, others give a more seductive and sexy tone. It is important to locate a Boudoir Photographer whose style meets your own vision for your photo shoot.

While some women choose to take part in a Boudoir Photography sessions for the man in their life, others choose to do so as a gift for themselves! Boudoir Photography is a giant ego boost and will leave you feeling beautiful.


Courtesy Charlotte Boudoir Photography

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